On-Line Courses

Promoting Positive Interaction and Guidance Between Teachers, Children, and Parents -
2 hours

This session is filled with activity and information! Active listening, "I" messages, positive guidance, and positive statements will be examined. Role plays, discussion, and games are used to enhance the learning for this topic.


Beyond Time Out - 2 hours

The positive and negative aspects of time-out will be discussed in this course. Guidance techniques, conflict resolution skills, and the use of class meetings will be examined.  Practical ideas for improving the environment in the classroom will be reviewed.  Establishing procedures versus establishing rules will be discussed.


Child Abuse and Neglect - 2 Hours

The objectives of this training are:

To understand the NC Child Abuse Reporting Law and what it means?

To learn how to recognize and report child abuse and neglect

To understand what happens once a report is made

To learn what to do if a child tells you they have been abused

To understand how you can help prevent child abuse


Supervision in the Classroom - 2 Hours

The objectives for this training are:

To have a better understanding of what is expected for appropriate supervision

To understand and develop plans for routine trips to the bathroom, meal time, nap time, outside play, and free play

To practice and come up with solutions for situations that may occur in the Early Childhood Classroom


Tell Me, Show Me, Involve Me - 2 Hours

This training focuses on the four developmental domains of children: physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Teachers are reminded that if you tell children things, they may forget. If you show them, they might remember. If you involve them, they will always remember. Ideas of activities are shared for ages groups from infants to preschoolers.


Take a Look at Your TEAM - 2 Hours

This training examines characteristics of an effective team. You will also take a "test" to see what personality or team color you are. You will then compare your color to other teachers in your program or classroom. This exercise is a lot of fun! Communication strategies are also examined and ways to become a better, more active listener.


Brain Development during the Early Years - 2 Hours

Brain study and research is examined for the ages of infants through preschool age. Ideas are included on providing a stimulating, inviting environment. Concepts that stimulate the brain in each age group will be explored. Ideas are also given on how center areas such as: sand, water, blocks, and many more can affect how the brain develops in the early years. Exercises will take place on learning whether the participant is more of a left brain or right brain learner.


How On-Line Courses Work

  1. The cost per course is $10.00. Fees will be paid by check or money order.

  2. Complete registration form.

  3. Within 48 hours of registration completion, you will receive an email with the link to your course and directions on how to proceed. If you do not receive an email, please contact me.

  4. Each course consists of text to read, assignments to complete and a discussion board where you can post questions and view instructor and other student's questions and ideas.

  5. You can work at your own pace---the course may be completed in 1 day or two weeks depending on your schedule. Courses must be completed within 2 weeks unless prior arrangements have been made or due to extenuating circumstances.

  6. Once all assignments have been completed a certificate of completion will be emailed to you.

  7. All classes have been approved by the Division of Child Development in the state of North Carolina.  If you are registering for a class and you are from another state you will need to check with your licensing division for approval of these courses.

On Site Courses:

  • Enriching Your Classroom - 2 hours
    What is an Enrichment in the Early Childhood classroom? This training will look at areas to enrich in the classroom such as: manipulatives, science, sensory, and more! This is also a make-and take session!

  • Promoting Positive Interaction and Guidance between Teachers, Children, and Parents - 2 hours
    This session is filled with activity and information! Active listening, "I" messages, positive guidance, and positive statements will be examined. Role plays, discussion, and games are used to enhance the learning for this topic.

  • BSAC (Basic School Age Care) - 7 hours
    This training is a NC-required training for anyone who works in a before or after school care program. Topics include quality care, child development, positive guidance, appropriate activities, environmental design, healthy/safety/nutrition, and NC Child Care Regulations.

  • IT'S SIDS (Infant/Toddler Sudden Death Syndrome) - 2 hours
    This is a NC required training for anyone who works with infants age 0-12 months for any amount of time throughout the day. It is a research-based training devised by the NC Healthy Start Foundation and the Division of Child Development. Each participant will become more aware and knowledgeable about the risks of SIDS as well as gain NC statewide statistics.

  • "Be Active" Kids - 3 hours
    This training focuses on lesson plans and activities for physical activity, food safety, and nutrition for young children. Free kits will be given to participants, full of lesson plans, posters, food pictures, and more!

  • Team Building - 2 hours
    What does it take to have an effective team? Positive strategies will be discussed and team building exercises will be practiced. Go home from this training with a better and more efficient team!

  • Professionalism in the Classroom - 2 hours
    Learn how the environment influences behavior, how to set up a classroom appropriately, and how your teaching styles influence group control.

  • Transition times - 2 hours
    Sit down! Stand up! Line up! Clean up! Too many transitions in a day can be stressful. Learn how to make transitions run more smoothly.

  • Creative Art: Process versus product? - 2 hours
    Do you believe children learn art best through the process or by having a finished product? Who usually finishes the product? Come and join us for some fun with art! Art supplies and ideas will be explored and practiced.

  • I have a secret...intelligence! - 2 hours
    Do you know what kind of learner you are? Do you learn best by seeing? Doing? Hearing? Or a combination of several of these ways of learning? This training looks at learning styles and multiple intelligence.

  • Loosen Up and Have Some Fun! - 2 hours
    How do you deal with the stressors or life: Work? Family? Vacation? Come explore with us some ways to reduce your stress and look at what is really important in your life - starting with taking care of YOU, the individual.

  • Childhood Infectious Diseases - 2 hours
    This training focuses on brainstorming different types of childhood infectious diseases and what to look for. Also, what do you do about them when they show up in your center/home?

  • Special Needs: Another Color in the Rainbow - 2 hours
    This training looks at many different special needs that our children might have and what we can do as Early Childhood Professionals to get these children the best early start possible. Strategies for classroom design as well as ideas for teachers are given in this session.

  • Assertiveness Training for Child Care Professionals - 2 hours
    Designed to help you gain self-confidence and be able to articulate it without being offensive. Learn the power of assertiveness!

  • Time Management - 2 hours
    Designed to stop the merry-go-round and gain control over your time. Learn to maximize time, define and achieve priorities, and reduce your stress.

  • Excellence in Customer Service - 2 hours
    Designed to help management and staff deliver incredible customer service to your parents. Learn child care uniquenesses, creating the WOW experience, and keeping the 10 customers you were going to lose.

  • Playground Safety - 4 hours

  • Beyond Time Out - 2 hours

  • Ages and Stages of Child Development - 2 hours

  • Child Abuse and Neglect - 2 hours

  • Brain Development - 2 hours

  • Fire Safety - 2 hours

  • Aggressive Behaviors - 2 hours

  • Can We Talk? (looking at Language Development) - 2 hours

  • Professionalism in the Workplace - 2 hours

  • School Age Activities - 2 hours

  • Rainy Day Ideas - 2 hours

  • ECERS - Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale - 2 hours

  • ITERS - Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale - 2 hours

  • SACERS - School Age Environmental Rating Scale - 2 hours
  • Look, Listen, and Move!  Supervision in the Classroom - 2 hours

  • Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Transportation and Field Trip Safety - 2 hours

  • Sensory Intergration - 2 hours

  • Temperament - 2 hours

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